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Resources and Support

Problem feeders and picky eaters have unique needs

Our primary mission is to provide height-adjustable chairs to children in feeding therapy.  However, we recognize it takes much more than a chair to truly support children struggling with feeding.  In addition to providing chairs we work closely with our therapy partners to provide advice, products, and resources that parents and caregivers will find useful as they navigate the world with their problem feeder.  

In 2020 Charlotte's Day launched a digital cookbook filled with more than 100 recipes, tips and tricks built over 9 years.  This cookbook is a valuable resource for grownups who are trying to feed picky eaters and problem feeders along with a family of diverse needs and tastes.  


Chairs We


We provide three types of chairs all of which are recommended by our therapy partners


 Resources and Products

Our favorite products, advice for posture and seating and much more




Apply for a new height-adjustable chair or learn more about our therapy partner program


Digital Cookbook

100+ recipes for

your picky eater & problem feeder

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