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Your donation will change the life of a child

The donation you make today will help provide a chair to a child who is struggling with something most of us take for granted - eating.  The chair you provide to a child will be used every day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Just for meals alone these chairs are used thousands of times a year, and tens of thousands of times in a lifetime.


Donations to Charlotte’s Day are tax-deductible and will help support children currently enrolled in a feeding therapy program, by providing specialized high chairs at no cost.


The chairs your donations purchase range in price from $180 to $350.  This is significantly more expensive than most commonly purchased high chairs and the added expense of such a chair is often on top of expenses related specifically to feeding therapy.  Families frequently have medical expenses not covered by insurance, need to take time off of work, or have to travel in order to find a highly qualified therapist.


Your donation will enable families to continue to foster the development of their child’s feeding skills by bringing a critical component of his/her feeding therapy into their everyday life.

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