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With a simple goal we set out on our journey

We set out in 2017 with a simple goal of providing a few height-adjustable chairs to children in Colorado. We knew from first-hand experience how a powerful tool like an adjustable height chair could be, and we hoped our efforts would allow a few children a year to receive this tool.  


Quickly after our launch, we received our first request from out of state.  We thought, what's the harm in sending a chair to Texas? 


In our first year, we provided 52 chairs to children in a handful of states.  More than three years later, we have provided more than 220 chairs to children in twenty-one states. 


The Keekaroo chair so kindly donated to us through Charlotte’s Day has been nothing short of amazing! Not only does it help our son remain in his seat at mealtime, but the fact that it can transition with him through the years is wonderful. It has allowed us to focus more on trying new foods instead of seating distractions. We are very grateful! Many thanks!!

​I just wanted you to know how INCREDIBLE the new chair is working out for us. Maggie (Magnolia) sits in it for the entire meal, happily. Sometimes she doesn't want to get out. This has been HUGE for us. It means she no longer insists on sitting on my lap for all meals and snacks. Can you even imagine how much easier and more peaceful this makes meal times? It is truly amazing. It has made the whole feeding experience so much more enjoyable and happier for all of us, which in turn has helped Maggie's food intake so much (see the girl HAPPILY eating scrambled egg for breakfast?!!!). We are so incredibly grateful to you. I think this is only the beginning of how much this chair will help her/us but, even in these few short weeks, it has been dramatic. So, thank you for all that you do and for allowing us to benefit from your incredible organization.

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