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For families and grownups looking for support for children

We provide the necessary high chairs to families in need.  We do not require any financial information from families seeking new chairs as our goal is to provide as many chairs as possible to those working with feeding therapists.  


We work with pre-approved therapists and therapy clinics to ensure that patients and families are receiving the best care and advice when selecting a chair. 


If your therapy program has already been approved you should have received a letter with an approval code explaining the application process.  If you have the approval code, please fill out our application form and provide us with information about you and your child.  In addition, please provide us with a recommendation letter from your primary feeding therapist explaining your child's current feeding therapy.  Your recommendation letter can be attached to this form or emailed to us.



For therapists looking for support for their patients

We believe it is important that we develop close relationships with the feeding therapists and clinics we work with.  If you would like to apply to be pre-approved and be able to recommend your patients to Charlotte’s Day, please complete our application form and we will contact you with additional information.


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