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Application Process

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We are committed to making our application process as easy as possible while gathering enough information to ensure we are providing the right chair for your kiddo. 

If your feeding therapist or program is approved you should have received an approval code from them. If you did not receive a code from your therapist please reach out to them. 


Therapists who have not yet been approved and would like to recommend children for our program can fill out our New Therapy Application.


There are several steps you will need to complete during the application process.  

1. Fill out our Request Support form. This provides us with information about your child, their feeding therapy program, plus their current, and future needs.

2. Make sure you have your letter of medical necessity from your feeding therapist.  It can be uploaded on the form or your therapist can email us directly.

3. We will contact you to set up a phone interview to learn more about you and your kiddo.

That's it! 

Click below to get started on your application.

Make sure you...

1. Have your approval code ready

2. Have your letter of medical necessity ready or ask your therapist to send it to us directly

Let's get started!

For parents and grownups

If your feeding program is approved, you should have received information from your provider explaining the application process. Please check with your feeding therapist to determine if they have been pre-approved. If they have not yet been approved, please provide our information to them so they can begin the process. 


For therapists looking for support for their patients


We belive in building strong, lasting relationships with the therapists we partner with.  If you would like to recommend children for our program please complete the form below.

With this form we will gain valuable information about your specific program and determine if we would be a good fit for your patients. This application will only need to be completed once. If you are approved, we will provide you with a document explaining the family application process that you can give to families who would benefit from adjustable seating. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form and we will be in touch to introduce ourselves and start, what we hope, is a long term relationship.


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