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Small Celebrations

This week we celebrated Charlotte's 6th birthday, and while we still have days that we struggle with new foods and textures she has come along way since her first days in feeding therapy. The weekend these pictures were taken was just days after her initial assessment at the STAR Institute for SPD. We didn't know it then but from that day forward our lives would be dramatically changed. In July of 2014 Charlotte, just 2 ½, would eat and drink only 19 items and she had all but stopped gaining weight.

Through our work with the amazing team at Star, Charlotte learned to try new foods, experiment with new textures, and learn oral motor skills that have allowed her to thrive. In individual and group therapy we learned how to help her at mealtime, what avoidance tactics she was using, and how to make mealtime more enjoyable for our entire family.

Families usually learn about Charlotte’s Day through their feeding therapist, they have already started their life-changing journey.

If you have a family in your life, or your own family is struggling at the dinner table we encourage you to research the difference between picky eaters and problem feeders and contact a local feeding therapist if necessary. We were so fortunate to find Star Institute right in our backyard.

There are amazing feeding therapy teams all over the country.

Does My Picky Eater Need Feeding Therapy Or Will They Grow Out of It?

Please support our mission if you are able.

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