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Food is food no matter the time of day.

I remembered something this morning. Food doesn't know what time it is. Stella had a jelly sandwich and some chips for breakfast. Why? Initially, I offered the option of toast with jelly, which she rejected. She wanted a jelly sandwich and chips. Of course, my first reaction was to refuse, thinking neither of those are breakfast foods. Then a little saying crept into my head. Food is food; it's not dinner or lunch food it's just food. What really is the difference between a jelly sandwich and toast? The only real difference is the way I categorize them (one breakfast, the other lunch).

I could have put my foot down, told her toast was for breakfast, and potentially started the day off on the wrong foot. Instead, I made her a jelly sandwich and popped a few potato chips on her plate (no worse than the Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles that she has from time to time). We didn't have an unnecessary fight over food, she ate her breakfast, and left the table with a full belly. Success!

Happy Friday everyone! Remember: Food is Food!

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