Charlotte's Birthday Fundraiser

January is Charlotte’s birthday month and we will be celebrating all month long.  Charlotte has set a goal of $1,000 (5 new chairs) for her birthday fundraiser.  Charlotte has always been a huge part of the day to day operation of her namesake organization. Our first year she helped disassemble, clean and package used chairs to be shipped.  Now she asks frequently about how many chairs have shipped, who is receiving them, and she continues to love hearing the stories from families across the country.


Charlotte’s Day was named as such because the very same type of chair we provide families all across the country, was positively impacting Charlotte throughout her entire day. The chair Charlotte began sitting in to try baby food at 5 months old is the same chair that has transitioned with her as she has grown into the girl she is today.  Her chair has provided her the postural stability to successfully eat five to six times a day, to create finger painted masterpieces, to design her own art projects, and now to play with slime, to conduct science experiments, and to do her homework.     


We are sure it goes without saying, but without Charlotte, this organization wouldn’t exist.  Our journey with Charlotte opened our eyes to an entirely new world.  We weren’t aware of the difference between picky eaters and problem feeders before we started down this road.  We didn’t know how important supportive seating was.  We certainly didn’t know how many people would reach out to us with awe-inspiring stories. 


That is why we celebrate Charlotte’s birthday all month long.  We get to kick off the year, we get to look back at our journey, and we get to celebrate the amazing little girl who inspired us. 


Charlotte has set a goal of $1,000 for her fundraiser and your donation will help us bring stability to the table for even more children.

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